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In these pages you can find information on:
Although most of the information found here is about fishing in Austria of Danube Salmon, trout, greyling, pike, white fish
fishing, but also a great tourist holiday can be organized in the Drau Valley.

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Also information can be provided about adventure fishing in Mongolia.

Hucho Trophy Club

Our club was founded in 2001, with the idea of informing the public better, including those who share the passion of fishing this fresh-water giant or for those who just like to fish in foreign countries such as Austria, Slovenia and Germany. In these countries the Danube Salmon is present in large numbers. Unfortunately, sometimes, without intending to, you catch a young example of Hucho, thinking it to be a large but somewhat strange rainbow trout. We are working not only on the fishing of this wonderful fish but above all on it’s protection. We are in contact with a large part of the family of Hucho fishermen, exchanging precious information and suggestions, based on our experiences. We would like to remind you that the above countries have very strict laws. We would therefore recommend that you obtain the necessary information on: the closed season, minimum measurements, and where the boundaries start and finish. Failure to do so may result in high fines and in extreme cases, a lawsuit. Because of extensive experience in fishing and fifteen years in the catering and tourism busines around Europe we guarantee an excellent fishing vacation or simply great holiday.

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